Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Giant Feta Cheese pots were everywhere!
Mens public toilet! MMmmm... disinfect my hand please!
Puppet gallery, the guy was soooo nice! Spoke to us for like 20min explaining everything!
David Bowie puppet heads!
Awesome Vespa in mint condition and ohh look.. it matches my watch!
Near Kreuzberg

This wasn't in Kreuzberg but I thought it was pretty.

 Drove through Check Point Charlie. I think I will do a bike tour and get some snaps.
And for all your Aussies back home, it's been dry and in the high 20s!

I said. x


  1. Look at those Blue Skies!
    It looks so beautiful there.
    The Shakuhachi Dress looks so good with naked legs!!

    I miss you, and cannot wait to get out of this wintery weather.

  2. If you're still there, go back to that bridge in Kreuzberg at night. It's the best place to drink beer in Berlin.

    Great photos lovely!! x



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