Friday, July 30, 2010

mushu EP 'mushu' Review

“mushu is wild fire.
mushu is cloak and dagger.
mushu is jangly jazzmasters.

mushu loves music.
mushu is untamed.
mushu is piano-forte.

mushu can be smooth like chocolate, rough like nails.
mushu is milk and mushu is wine.
mushu tell stories.

Simba sings and plays notes.
Pat plays the low notes.
Marco plays the high notes.
Hanna plays the white and black notes.
Matt keeps time.”

Somehow I agreed to write a review. Clearly, no one realises I can’t write or spell (plus, I’m almost always grammatically incorrect!) I have re-written this review about 10 times but no words seem to bring this EP justice. Anyway, here goes..

Trapped in my car stereo for the past week has been mushu’s new self-titled EP, being played over and over again. I had to listen to the EP a few times before I really got into it and the more I listened the more I loved it. The lyrics and melodies would get stuck in my head and I soon became that weirdo humming to myself.

The six tracks flow so well into each other. There is nothing like a CD you can listen to from start to finish. Stand out tracks for me are ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ and ‘Neap Tide’ closely followed by the 4 other tracks on the EP.  I don’t know how else to describe this EP with my lack of musical knowledge. All I can say, is that I love it and have been forcing everyone I know to listen to it.

For all my lucky NYC readers, mushu will be doing an acoustic tour soon!

Vote for mushu here:
Listen to the EP here:

Mushu's EP 'mushu' is available to buy at iTunes Store and JB HiFi.

I Said. x

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